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The great thing about the XFL is that every quarterback made the same money, all the linemen made the same money. We were on an even scale to where if we won and we all got paid more, than it was a good deal. DAN FOUTS TALKING FOOTBALL:The Hall of Fame quarterback talks about the Canton balloting process, T.O., OT and what makes Tom Brady the G.O.A.T. KAHLER: When people ask you about the XFL, what is the go-to story that you tell? MADDOX: There are so many. It is amazing for there to be so many stories in a six- or seven-month time period, but there really are. I will never forget when we were in Las Vegas for a month, living in a casino going through training camp. Only in the XFL would you live in a casino. We had a practice game with Las Vegas, so NBC could work on all their camera angles to make sure all the innovations that they were trying to put in worked. Somehow in that game I got two personal foul penalties, and for a quarterback that is kind of hard to do.

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Maybe if the casinos were making extra money from side bets they could go back to offering decent rules on the main game. ANSWERS: Side bets dont come without cost to the casinos. They are proprietary games and casinos must pay licensing fees to have the bets on their tables. In order to earn their keep, side bets must generate enough action to pay the licensing fee as well as to make a profit for the house. Usually, the side bets generate plenty of action early in their life cycle, but the action erodes as players notice their money disappearing faster than on the base game. The side bets with the longest life span have been those with the lowest house edges. The prime example is 21 + 3, with a 3.24 percent house edge that seems steep for a basic strategy player, but which isnt as noticeable to an average player. Another potential cost in side bets relates to the time it takes to make payoffs. They can slow the game down so that the house makes less money on the main game. The side bets need to generate enough revenue to make up that difference as well as paying the licensing fee. If and when electronic payoffs become more widely accepted, you can expect to see more side bets.

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relations with Russia. A U.S. official said Flynn's departure, coupled with Russia's aggression in Ukraine and Syria and Republican congressional opposition to removing sanctions on Russia, removes Trump's most ardent advocate of taking a softer line toward Putin. Flynn's leaving "may make a significant course change less likely, at least any time soon," the official said. Another official said Flynn's departure may strengthen the hands of some cabinet secretaries, including Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. However, the second official said, Flynn's exit could also reinforce the power of presidential aides Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller, whom he described as already having the president's ear. Congressional Democrats expressed alarm at the developments surrounding Flynn and called for a classified briefing by administration officials to explain what had happened. "We are communicating this request to the Department of Justice and FBI this evening," said Democratic representatives John Conyers of Michigan and Elijah Cummings of Maryland. U.S.

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